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Let’s start with a quick update regarding last week’s Planetworld article, as I was informed the article is derogatory and biased.

If anybody was offended, I apologize profusely because this was not my intention for the article.

I am exceptionally blunt, and the intent was to showcase my experience, which was disappointing, and to highlight what could be improved (encouraged and provided to the person who gave the tour).

Planetworld is 90% there with their Home Theaters, and the only thing required to take their experience to international standards is decent setup/calibration.

ELAN System

Founded in 2001, they are a specialist importer & distributor of audio-visual, automation and control systems for residential and commercial applications. To name a few of the brands they distribute: AudioControl, ELAN, Furman, Krix, Luxul, Niles, Rako, Screen Excellence, Sunfire and Zappiti.

Krix MX-10

They run an intimate company, and I felt right at home when I walked in. I also found out that they recently started another venture called Custom Acoustics. Their focus is on in-room Home Theater acoustic treatment.

To demo, they have a Krix MX-10 Home Theater, powered by Audio Control, a dated Sony Projector and a Zappiti media player.

Equipment Rack

I liked the room aesthetic, and it didn’t sound overly dead. The walls featured fabric panels, hiding the acoustic treatment. I was allowed to peer behind their fabric panels to inspect the acoustic treatment:

Acoustic Treatment (Fabric panels removed)

The first thing I noticed in the opening demo was a lack of bass in the high 20Hz. After investigating, we found out the subwoofer doesn’t go down that low. We then continued with the demos, and I found the system to be highly resolving and well balanced/calibrated. The sound field was exceptional in the front of the room, but unfortunately, the surround and rear speakers were positioned too high, taking away from the Atmos experience.

Rear Speakers (Fabric pabels removed)

The projector was crushing whites and blacks and had poor colour reproduction. They were painfully aware of this, and a replacement projector was on a long backorder (thanks to the chip shortage!) to address this.

ELAN Systems has a great Home Theater with passionate people.

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