Smart Home Automation

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Automate the Mundane
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Smart Home Automation extends beyond controlling your house from a single remote or smart device. It serves you. A true smart home automates mundane tasks, giving you the most precious gift of all – time. Home Automation frees you to be more productive.

For example, our solutions can optimise a room's light level with an automated lighting system and motorised shading. The light level sensors automatically set the brightness in a room by detecting activity and the time of day.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to what our automation system can provide, the possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can automate it.

Lighting Control

iDetic is the lighting control expert, and our range of smart products offer an advanced lighting solution for your home. Our smart lighting solutions use advanced technology that allows you to easily adjust the settings of your lights, and our products feature unique designs that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Control Your Space from a Single Device

Our Home Automation solutions allow you to control your lights, curtains, TV, and more with the touch of a button from a single device. With our customisable solutions, we can connect all your devices and systems to ensure they work in perfect harmony.

How It Works

As Home Technology Integrators, we design and select devices specifically to communicate with one another, creating a cohesive technology experience. Our engineers then translate your needs into the automation system, including manual control if required.

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