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Smart Integrated

We aim to automate the mundane and shift focus to more productive tasks.

This includes automation services such as Audio-Visual Control, Lights, Blinds, Curtains, Air-conditioning / HVAC, Energy Management, Pumps and much more.

If you can dream it, we can automate it!


With the migration of security services to the IP domain, we’re in an ideal position to address these needs.


Through the use of Traditional, Thermal, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras and/or Analytics (Object Recognition), we can secure the perimeter of any home.


Together with the above, Intercom and Access Control can be utilized to ensure nobody is able to enter the home without approval.


In a modern home, networking is the backbone on which all other services are built, and arguably the most important component of a home's technology.

From the internet breakout to the wireless cellphone in your pocket, we provide end-to-end networking services with uptime rivaling datacenter standards.

Services include: Fiber, Copper, Wi-Fi and Voice

Audio & Video

Music and Movies is the ultimate expression of human creativity.


We offer standalone or distributed audio / video solutions; installed inside, outside or completely hidden.

We also offer specialist Stereo and bespoke Theater design, implementation and calibration.

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About Us

We provide premium home entertainment and technology solutions. This includes Home Cinema designs, implementation and calibration, home automation, networking, security and advanced integration services.


We provide best-in-class designs and workmanship through focus on upskilling staff and implementing industry leading standards in all of our solutions.


We believe in true Custom Installation and therefore have a personalized approach as each client is unique.


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