No matter what your end goal is, we have you covered. iDetic offers tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Whether you’re working from home, streaming a movie from Netflix or catching up with friends over WhatsApp, connectivity has become an integral part of our daily lives. From the internet connection and Wi-Fi to the cellphone in your pocket, we provide end-to-end secure networking services with uptime rivalling datacenter standards.

Wired Networking

In a modern home, networking is the foundation on which all other services are built, and arguably the most important component of a Smart Home’s technology. We are experts in navigating the intricacies from design to the deployment of Copper and Fibre Optic networks, including complex Internet distribution.

Wireless Networking

Wi-Fi is a natural extension of your wired networking, granting you access to local devices and your provisioned internet from anywhere in your home. We simulate Wi-Fi coverage using sophisticated design tools and verify signal propagation after installation to ensure no space is without an acceptable signal.

Network Security

Network Security is often overlooked but is essential to shield your network from outside intruders. We secure network ports and make use of physical firewalls to keep your privacy and data secure.

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