Final Photos And Future Upgrades

Welcome to the final article in a series dedicated to my journey in Home Theatre centred around my personal Home Theatre. A list of all articles in the series is below:

Introduction, Background & Hobby – The Introduction to Home Theatre
Training and Leveling Up
The UK Revolution – The Next Step
Design, Modelling & Specification
Physical Installation
Final Photos and Future Upgrades

The finished Home Theatre

A picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado:

Back to Front (Reused carpet)
Front to Back (Reused couches and tables)
Epson LS12000 laser projector
A close up of Display Technologies acoustically transparent projection screen weave
Wisdom Audio P2m speakers for Surround and Back
Wisdom Audio iCS7a In-Ceiling speakers
Reused Velodyne SPL1200 Ultra Subwoofers with cutout into the diffusion wall
Foot lights for the rear row riser
Deeply recessed over seating lights, ensuring no glare or spill when lights are on
Triangle diffusor with accent lighting
Room control with Control4 Touch Screen Remote
Processing and Amplification by Trinnov and Emotiva

Future Upgrades

I have three items on my wish list, in no particular order:

  1. A projector with additional light output
  2. Ducted air conditioning
  3. Reclining cinema chairs

According to my calculation, to achieve the Dolby specification for light output, I require a projector with around 5000-lumen light output, which requires me to look at Barco. Unfortunately, this was outside my budget, but I’ve given it some thought. Projectors can be loud, therefore increasing the noise floor in the room, so I plan to build it into the ceiling with proper forced ventilation, projecting downward onto a specialized mirror to bounce it onto the screen.

I still have my white mini split cassette air conditioner in the room, which stands out like a sore thumb! At first, the idea was to paint it black, but as soon as the acoustic treatment was installed in the room, I noticed that the air conditioner significantly raised the noise floor. Another advantage of changing the unit will be the addition of fresh air into the room.

The reclining cinema chairs need no introduction because comfort is part of the moving-going experience!

I hope you enjoyed my personal journey. 

Please feel free to reach out for a demonstration.

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