Preferred Partner: Barco

We’ve recently attended a local Barco workshop and training session and were reminded why we choose Barco as our preferred partner for video projection technologies.

Barco is widely accepted as the world leader in ultra-high-end visualization technologies like projectors and digital cameras, but their reputation extends past this achievement.

Then and now, a brief history

Barco 1939

In 1939, the Belgian American Radio Corporation (BARCO) was born with the vision of producing the most high-tech radios in the world.  10 years later, the company shifted into TV technology and manufactured Belgian’s first three TV prototypes.

These days, Barco has a hand in Medical Imaging Technology, 3D simulation and visualization, Education, and a wide range of visual applications in cinema, live events, television, and workplace applications.

40% of commercial cinema screens are equipped with Barco projectors.

Home Theatre and Media Rooms

In the residential space, Barco offers solutions in Home Theatre, Digital Art, “Window on the world” – a custom digital canvas to simulate views to the outside world, High-end Gaming, and outdoor entertainment.

Media Rooms are spaces that aren’t designed with a dedicated cinema experience in mind but still offer high-end video solutions in a social gathering space focused on entertainment, whereas Home Theatre designs aim to provide you with a true private cinema experience – room design, lighting, projector and screen positioning/size, and speaker placement meticulously planned to provide you with the best experience possible.

Barco is our preferred partner for Home Theatre and Media Room projection.

Projector Range

Barco offers both 16:9 and CinemaScope projectors – CinemaScope referring to widescreen projection using a specific anamorphic lens – typically used in Cinema/Theatre screenings.

Their projectors are categorized into three ranges:

Barco Freya+ T-Series Projector
Barco Freya+ T-Series Projector

T-Series – a range for use in dedicated Home Theatre spaces where lighting is controlled.  These projectors are designed for accurate image replication with both Rec. 709 and DCI/P3 colour performance as intended by the movie director.

Barco Medea M-Series Projector
Barco Medea M-Series Projector

M-Series – a range optimized for use in spaces with high ambient light, such as Media Rooms.  Higher lumen output makes these projectors ideal for excellent image quality in areas where lighting conditions aren’t ideal.

Barco DP2K C-Series Projector
Barco DP2K C-Series Projector

C-Series – The flagship range.  These projectors are designed with the best professional cinema technologies to create the ultimate viewing experience.  C-Series projectors are fully DCI compliant.  DCI refers to a set of Digital Cinema standards as set out in 2002 by the world’s 7 major motion picture studios – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, and Warner Bros.

Barco projectors’ exceptional light output is a big reason why we choose to use their products over other brands.  Their massive light output capacity far exceeds other brands and in our minds are the only choice when aiming to achieve Dolby/CEDIA HDR specification for cinema light output in HDR viewing.

For more information on Barco’s residential projector range, you can visit their product page here.


Barco prides themselves on world-class designs, with as much passion reflected in their research and development as with their client-centric approach.  We share their values and drive for constant improvement, improving lives through technology and creating the best experiences possible in entertainment.

For these reasons, we believe that Barco products are the best choice to create world-class experiences in Home Theatre and entertainment spaces.

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