Preferred Partner: Ubiquiti

When it comes to Networking, there are many home and enterprise brands to choose from. So why do we prefer using Ubiquiti at home?

When setting up a network at home, there are important factors to consider, including:  

  • Ease of use and stability of the network
  • Specific requirements in your home, like bandwidth distribution and wireless coverage
  • Changes and upgrades that may be required in the future

Ubiquiti’s products are incredibly robust and stable. Their Wi-Fi performance always features at the top of performance benchmarks, and stability issues caused by their hardware are extremely rare. Their Unifi products are also exceptionally easy to adapt, adjust and upgrade. Network components communicate with each other flawlessly, so replacing or upgrading a component is about as easy as plug and play.

Ubiquiti has put in substantial effort to ensure its products are simple to set up and use. Remote management is made easy, allowing us to quickly and effectively support a network remotely. Their configuration interface is clean and modern, including a mobile app where network elements can be controlled and managed.

While Ubiquiti has a premium price tag – similar to Cisco and Linksys enterprise – there is no subscription or monthly license fee attached to their hardware.

If you’re working from home, or require a robust and stable network at home, get in touch to discuss the options available to you.

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