What Is Resimercial?

The term Resimercial Design has, until recently, been used within office spaces – where interior design and aesthetics from both residential homes and commercial offices merge to create a more ‘homey’ atmosphere at work.  By introducing this homely feel to the workspace, you are subconsciously reminded of being in a comforting and personal space which is likely to make you feel more relaxed.

As working from home has become more widespread, the term has now broadened to incorporate the home environment – your home being an extension to the office, as opposed to the office being an extension of your home.

What does this mean to you as an employee?

To effectively work from home, a robust connectivity solution is a necessity – a solution that provides you with fast, always-up connectivity throughout the day.  Companies like Netgear, Mikrotik and Ubiquiti provide commercial-level hardware that fit the budget for home use.

As an addition, a solution for redundant power ensures that your connectivity never goes down – a consideration that’s always relevant in South Africa.

iDetic can help you design, implement, and support these home networks so that you’re not left unproductive.

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