Sonos Symfonisk

Installations don’t have to be flashy to be enjoyed.

Last week Sonos revealed a new speaker in their Symfonisk product range – a set of products designed to seamlessly fit into your home environment – most notably their Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi Speaker.

The flat-panel wireless speaker can either be mounted on a wall or be placed on a shelf by using its kickstand.  The frame is 55cm high, 40cm wide and only 5cm deep. Despite its dimensions, Sonos worked with designers to ensure the speaker produces “big room-filling sound from what looks like a thin speaker.”

Using your own pictures isn’t an option (yet), but they have a range of interchangeable fronts you can choose from to fit your décor.

While this product isn’t currently available in South Africa, it’s a great example to showcase the possibilities in design and integration when choosing a solution for your home.

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