Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Ultra-Short Throw projectors have been on the uptake within the home theatre space for the past few years, with big players like Samsung and LG investing time and money to improve the technology and push it into more homes.

The convenience of minimal projection distances (down to a few centimetres) is appealing to many homeowners looking for a theatre-like experience in smaller spaces.

In June we featured Sonos’ Symfonisk product range that included a picture-frame speaker designed to fit perfectly into the d├ęcor of your home. Ultra-Short Throw projectors play well within this space.

These projectors use laser technology, wide-angle lenses, and mirrors to display images at a sharp and sudden angle against a wall or screen. They offer great video quality (thanks to the laser source) and offer a small, convenient form factor – placed on top of a counter/surface as you would a normal television.

If you’re in the market for a projector that can produce bright images and great image quality while avoiding the inconveniences a long-throw projector brings – having to be placed in a specific spot elsewhere in the room – ultra-short-throw projectors are worth looking into.

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