The Ultimate Source: Kaleidescape

Keeping with our recent theme of the ultimate Home Theatre products, we’re taking a look at the ultimate source device: Kaleidescape

Only Kaleidescape can deliver the ultimate home cinema experience.

They work closely with all major movie studios which allow them to curate movies directly from the studio masters, exceeding the quality of physical media.

Hear the Difference

Kaleidescape delivers a bit-for-bit identical copy of the studio master audio in lossless Dolby Atmos or DTS:X. With an audio bitrate 10x higher than streaming services, Kaleidescape drastically elevates your processor, amplifiers, speakers, and room treatments. Experience the difference in quality you will hear not just in the ground-shaking rumbles but in the transporting power of each subtle sound.

See the Difference

With a video bitrate 8x that of streaming services, Kaleidescape elevates your video processor, projector, and screen to produce lifelike clarity and precision. With compressed video on streamers, encoding artifacts such as softness, noise, and banding become obvious and distracting. Kaleidescape eliminates these distractions, allowing you to showcase your theatre’s capabilities with breathtakingly realistic action scenes and special effects.

Experience the Difference

Kaleidescape movie experts annotate each movie with data such as screen size, end credit, and intermission cues. This allows our players to integrate with your home automation to dim lights, close shades, adjust seating when the titles roll, and automatically screen mask to match the ratio of each film—immersive experiences that streaming services simply can’t achieve. Just press play and let your virtual projectionist do the rest.

Demo’s available on request

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