The New Sonos Beam

Introducing the newly announced upgraded version of the Sonos Beam! Enhance your audio and video experience by upgrading your sound to this premium modular soundbar.

The major changes compared to the original Sonos Beam:

  • 40% Additional Processing Power enables the Beam to expand its three sound fields to five – adding two dedicated arrays for processing height effects, which brings Atmos audio effects to the Beam for the first time
  • ARC upgraded to eARC
  • The Beam now supports Uncompressed Dolby TrueHD, instead of Dolby+ compressed, which provides a superior Atmos audio experience
  • The new Beam comes with a 50 USD price premium over the original, and pre-orders are open
  • US availability is from 5th October, with SA availability is still to be confirmed

Get in touch with us to upgrade your audio and video experience!

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