Hefty Electricity Tariff Increase

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has approved a 9.61% tariff increase for Eskom, making it an ideal time to consider your options for investing in alternative energy generation such as Solar Power.

Solar Power can be installed and integrated into any home. There are numerous ways of installing it, depending on the budget and requirement, with the two most popular being:

  • A grid-tied solution that enables the use of solar power only when the sun is shining A hybrid solution that incorporates battery backup power to maximize solar power usage even when the sun isn’t shining
  • A solar solution has a design life of 25 years and one shouldn’t underestimate the effect of compounded savings a solution like this delivers, and its effect on the total Return on Investment.

Contact iDetic to help you find the light at the end of this tunnel.

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