Introducing Charl

Meet Charl Lotter, Managing Director at iDetic

From a young age, Charl has been intrigued with how technology works, which has led him to develop his exceptional analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

He is a driven, ethical and honest person who is eager to bring joy and comfort to others.

Charl holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science as well as a Diploma in Business Analysis which has suited him well in his Software Development career.

He switched industries in 2014 to pursue his passion in Home Theater and Smart Home Automation, putting him on the backfoot with competitors. This has led Charl to adopt a formal qualification mindset to expand his knowledge in the industry. This together with his software development background has service him very well in the industry.

He holds numerous industry-specific qualifications such as the highest level in THX HAA and ICA / PVA which makes him the highest qualified person in South Africa for Home Theater Design, Implementation and Calibration.

He believes in personal client service, and his management style is very hands-on, always trying to upskill everybody in the process.

After hours you can find Charl walking his saint bernard, braaing with friends or relaxing in his home theater.

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