Physical Installation

Welcome to the second last article in a series dedicated to my journey in Home Theatre centred around my personal Home Theatre. A list of all articles in the series is below:

Introduction, Background & Hobby – The Introduction to Home Theatre
Training and Leveling Up
The UK Revolution – The Next Step
Design, Modelling & Specification
Physical Installation
Final Photos and Future Upgrades

This article will predominantly be pictures of the installation, with captions explaining what you’re looking at.

Front Wall

Stripped and ready for work to begin
Painted and window boarded up
Ladder frame built
Additional framing with sound absorption and the RTL Front Left subwoofer fitted
Speaker boxes built into the front wall to create a baffle wall
An overview with all the absorption fitted
Fitment of the baffle wall
Front front wall construction

Rear Wall

Stripped and chased
All closed up again
Rear wall prep for the slatted diffusion panels
Test fit with thin absorption layer installed behind it
Partially complete with the corner absorber frame
Corner absorbers filled with absorption material
Final rear wall construction


Riser construction
Ceiling painting
Room painted

I hope this provides some insight into the installation process. In the following article, we’ll explore the final project photos and future upgrades.

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