Control4 – A Closer Look

Control4 is a popular and established Home Automation platform that made a huge splash in South Africa in the past 15 years.

Founded in 2003, they have since grown to operate in more than 100 countries.  Their products have expanded to include Smart Lighting, Video and Audio integration, Security and Access Control solutions – all controlled through a central operating system.

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Smart Home OS 3

The latest iteration of their operating system, Smart Home OS 3, runs on any Android or Apple device.

The reimagined Operating System allows you to control Audio and Video devices throughout your home, view the status of devices or sensors like cameras and local temperatures, and control functions like lighting, shades, automatic gates and doors.

Pages dedicated to entertainment, specific rooms and functions in your home allow for easy navigation and control in your environment – while favorites allow for quick access to specific controls and functions.

The Operating System consolidates devices from across the entire house into a single screen, so you can instantly view the status of your security system, smart door locks, shades that are open or lights throughout the home.


Control of Automation, Entertainment and Security solutions in your home is an integral part of the experience in your Smart Home.

Control4 offers touch screen interfaces for local control, a universal remote for full control in the palm of your hand, and a mobile client for the OS 3 Operating System to manage your home from your personal phone or tablet.

Control4 Halo Remote Control
Control4 Halo Remote Control

The newest remotes added to Control4’s interaction devices is the Halo and Halo Touch Remotes.  The touch-screen included on the Halo Touch provides intuitive access to – and effortless control over -the most used features of your home.

The remotes boasts a full suite of backlit buttons and Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5GHz support with an advanced antenna array with up to 5 times stronger signal.

Access Control

Control4 offers both chime and video doorbells that are purpose-built for Smart Home integration.  These doorbells offer both local and remote access to your intercom, allowing you to answer a guest’s ring, turn on lights, disable the alarm and unlock gates / doors to let guests enter.

Motion control enables instant notifications when someone is at your gate or door, with video snapshots that can be sent to your phone and local touch screens.

Control4 Touch Screen
Control4 Touch Screen

Integrating with local touch screens, video can be displayed on every Control4 Touch screen in the house, making it easy for everyone to see who’s at the door.  This interface also allows for connect with family members by video calling the screens between rooms or remotely through the mobile OS when you’re not home.

Entertainment and Lighting

Control4 allows for integration with Audio and Video solutions, enabling automation in home theatres, multi-room audio solutions and entertainment areas.

Stream music, control lights and video/audio sources in your home theatre and play music in any room in your home.

Control4 Keypad
Control4 Keypad

In addition to their touch screen and software interfaces, Control4 offer wired and wireless keypads – ideal for controlling lights and audio throughout your home.  Individual key functions can be customized to start music in a single room or the entire house, dim or turn lights on and off, and change the volume of specified areas – to name just a few examples.

Control4 Certification

iDetic is a certified Control4 Installer and Programmer. Contact us today to design your Smart Home Automation experience!

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