CEDIA Association

CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association), the global industry association and central touch point for residential technology, provides members with cutting-edge education, develops standards to ensure the highest levels of professionalism, and is the industry’s only certifying body. CEDIA furthers collaboration with architects, designers, builders, and homeowners to deliver technology solutions that allow families to experience their best moments in life in the comfort of their own homes.


CEDIA was founded in 1989 by a group of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the up-and-coming electronic systems industry. Their vision was to advocate the needs of the home technology professional by becoming the leading resource, promoting commerce, offering training, and aiding in the assembly of a legitimate industry that was at the time considered more of a hobby.

Since that time, CEDIA has grown into an international association with more than 3,900 member companies worldwide and has come to be recognized as the universal mark of professionalism for industry businesses.

Why it’s important: Standards & Education

As the oldest, largest, and most highly-regarded provider of education in the industry, CEDIA has helped its members set the standard for design excellence, technical knowledge, and customer service.

Hiring CEDIA Certified professionals will provide peace of mind, ensuring your installation is planned and installed to the latest industry standards.

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