Keep your family safe, even when you’re not around.

Security is an important consideration when it comes to designing your smart home. We offer privacy-protected surveillance solutions that let you keep watch over your home and its inhabitants.

At iDetic, we use high-quality components that are designed to stand the test of time.

We understand that the security of your home is critical, and we use only high-quality products that are designed to last for years.

We only use the latest technology in surveillance equipment to ensure that security measures are never outdated.


Advanced video surveillance, or CCTV cameras, paired with data analytics will keep a watchful eye on your home. You can have peace of mind in and around your home. For added security, we can also set up External Monitoring via the internet to an Armed Response Control Center.

Intercom & Access Control

Access Control restricts entry to your property, preventing unwanted guests. The intercom is an extra level of Access Control, where live video calls can be sent to your phone from your front door – allowing you to interact with visitors.

Integration Service

We offer integration services with our automation solutions. We interface with other 3rd party services, such as an alarm or electric fence, incorporating it into the smart functions. For instance, if your alarm activates, all the automated lights will switch on immediately, as well as the televisions to the CCTV.

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